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Preparatory courses

The main goal of preparatory courses is to train international students for entering the full degree programs in MASU and other universities of Russia. Studying at the preparatory program courses can be either self-financed or with the state support (see “Apply” section).

Course Content Length Workload
Russian language The course aims to develop the minimal knowledge of using Russian language needed for communication in Russian-speaking environment (B1 level). 6 months 1476 hours
4-8 hours per week
History of Russia Brief introduction to the history of Russia, needed for understanding the Russian mentality, social and political processes happening now in the country, as well as for widening the vocabulary and promoting speech skills. 6 months 230 hours
4-8 hours per week
Russian literature Russian literature is one of the biggest world literary traditions. Getting to know it brings you closer to the Russian culture and way of thinking. 6 months 250 hours
4-8 hours per week
Civil studies Basic concepts and processes necessary for understanding Russian economy, politics and social processes. 6 months 200 hours
4-8 hours per week
Informational technologies Basic concepts and principles of information science needed for your further studies. 6 months 172 hours
4-8 hours per week

After course completion, the graduates are issued the state-standard certificates which allow them to continue studying in MASU or other universities of Russia at Bachelor and Master level.

Updated 11.06.2019