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MASU opens the first psychology and pedagogy-oriented class in Murmansk

  • 28.04.2022
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MASU opens the first psychology and pedagogy-oriented class in Murmansk

A new school year in Murmansk will start with the opening of psychology and pedagogy-oriented class in Murmansk school no. 6. The school's administration, Murmansk Arctic State University and city's administration signed the agreement on 2nd April.

«It's no secret that there are not enough teachers in the region», said Irina Shadrina, MASU Rector. «Unfortunately, graduates of pedagogical training programmes at universities do not always work in the same area. Perhaps, few of them made the right choice at the time. It takes a lot of motivation and morale to be a teacher. The time has come to revive traditions and introduce an advanced model of teacher training into practice.»

Psychology and pedagogy-oriented class was designed to help students of senior years make a conscious choice and understand the features of the teaching profession. According to Nina Zubareva, director of the school no. 6, they already have ninth-grade pupils, who have decided to enter this class. Within the project, pupils will be able to take on the role of teachers in city's kindergartens.

The selection for the class will be carried out on a rating basis, i.e. the results of the Basic State Examination in the core subjects: Russian, Social Studies, Literature, English, as well as the pupil's portfolio.

Class will be open on 1st September, 2022 as well as the rest of the classes. Enrolled pupils will study in-depth disciplines from the subject areas of Russian Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Social Science, as well as learn the basics of psychology and pedagogy. MASU professors will supervise the class and give some lectures.

«There is a well-known saying, 'Headmasters have powers at their disposal with which Prime Ministers have never yet been invested.' What is the power of the teacher's influence, and what kind of teacher are schools waiting for? We have so much to discuss with you,» said Dmitry Levites, Advanced Doctor in Pedagogy, Professor, Honoured Teacher of Russia when addressed the ninth graders who have chosen the psychology and pedagogy-oriented class.

Vasily Andrianov, Education Committee Chairman of the Murmansk City Administration, who took part in the signing of the agreement, recalled how he learned the secrets of the teaching profession when he studied at the MASU, which then was a pedagogical institute.

«Murmansk is in great need of teachers. All of you will certainly get a job in educational organizations of our city. It is vital that you understand the demand for teacher once you graduate,» said Vasily Andrianov, addressing the future pupils of the class. «MASU lecturers, who will give you the basics of psychology and pedagogy, can help you clear any doubts you have about the chosen profession.»

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