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IT and Natural Sciences Conference: outline and results

  • 26.04.2022
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IT and Natural Sciences Conference: outline and results

Murmansk Arctic State University became a venue for the student research conference «IT and Natural Sciences» that took place from 20 to 23 April. More than 70 students of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, who study ecology and biology, participated in the conference.

Students presented their ideas in the field of ecology, nature management, biology, and software development technologies. They also shared their research on biology, chemistry, mathematics and IT in terms of education.

Participants discussed development potential of eco-business in the city of the 21st century, analysed the air pollution from transport in Pervomaisky district, assessed the arachnids' species composition in the region and the mercury concentration in the seabirds' organs.

Students, who will soon become software engineers, revealed their plans to improve the functionality of the University's Online Student Educational Service, to analyse satellite data for various purposes, for example, coastline oil pollution or fire fighting management.

The attention was drawn to the following ideas as well: the interdisciplinary connections in teaching biology and chemistry, the use of computer dynamic models in geometry, the integration of project and research management, modular training, web quests, and smart technologies in the educational process.

Overall, the conference proved that our students work hard to identify and solve acute problems of the Arctic.

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