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You can get to Murmansk from Moscow or St. Petersburg by plane, train or car.

Air transport

Dozens of planes fly from Murmansk regularly. You can find the exact flight timetable to / from Murmansk on the following web-sites:

Journey time:

  • St. Petersburg — Murmansk — about 1.5 hours;
  • Moscow — Murmansk — about 2.5 hours.

Railway transport

The main and the only railway station in the city of Murmansk, receiving all passenger trains is the “Railway station Murmansk”.

Daily, there are several direct trains from Murmansk to St. Petersburg, Vologda, Moscow, Minsk, and many other cities. In the summertime you can also take train to the southern cities (Anapa, Sochi and others).

You can find the exact timetable to / from Murmansk on the following sites:

Journey time:

  • St. Petersburg — Murmansk — about 36 hours;
  • Moscow — Murmansk — approximately 26 hours.

Car transport

Murmansk is located on the Kola motorway (M18), the length from Murmansk to St. Petersburg is about 1,400 km. By motorway you can reach anywhere in the region and also, of course, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

From Finland or Norway

The city of Murmansk is the starting point of the roads “A138” to Norway and “P12” to Finland.

There are three international car checkpoints (customs) on the Russian state border in the Murmansk region:

  • “Borisoglebsk” is the only border crossing point across Russia's border to Norway. The nearest Norwegian airport is Kirkenes.
  • “Lotta” and “Salla” - checkpoints across the state border towards Finland. The nearest Finnish airports are Ivalo and Rovaniemi.

Travel time:

  • Kirkenes — Murmansk — approximately 4 hours.
  • Ivalo and Rovaniemi — Murmansk — about 8 hours.


For details about Murmansk public transport, see “How to find us” section.

Updated 13.06.2019