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How to apply

1 step. Choose program

See “Studies” section

2 step. Choose financing

Any international applicant can apply for studying at MASU both self-financed student or as sponsored by the state budget of the Russian Federation.


If you have financial resources for being a self-financed student, then you need to choose the program that interests you (1 step), send primary application (4 step), pass selection (3 step), submit original documents already in MASU (4 step).


The corresponding amount of budget places is allocated to universities annually. You can apply for a free place in a university if:

  • you successfully passed USE or the entrance exams (3 step)
  • you have passed the competitive selection for the state scholarship “Quota scheme” (3 step) — most applicable for preparatory courses!
  • you belong to one of the categories of foreign citizens who can be admitted in the budget in accordance with international treaties (3 step):

    • “Gosniki” RF Government Resolution dated October 8th, 2013 № 891 “On the establishment of quotas for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation”
    • “Contract holders” — foreigners trained on the basis of international treaties
    • “Compatriots” — the Federal Law of May 24, 1999, No. 99-FZ “On state policy of the Russian Federation in respect of compatriots abroad”

3 step. Prepare for selection

Competitive selection can be carried out in several ways.

For budget places (government-paid students)

  1. To pass Unified State Exam (USE) or University-organized entrance exams (the deadlines are to be specified at the Application office)
  2. To pass competitive selection
  3. Learn about the enrollment in the results of the exams on MASU website
  4. Receive a confirmation of the enrollment (a copy of the order) and an invitation to Russia

For self-financed students

  1. Take the entrance exams (the deadlines are to be specified at the Application office)
  2. To pass competitive selection
  3. Enter into a training agreement
  4. Learn about the enrollment in the results of the exams on MASU website
  5. Receive a confirmation of enrollment and an invitation to Russia

For “Gosniki” and quota students

  1. Apply to Rossotrudnichestvo office or visit
  2. To pass competitive selection
  3. Find yourself in the list of candidates on the sites of the Rossotrudnichestvo office or the Russian Embassy in your country
  4. Receive a confirmation of acceptance and an invitation to Russia

Further details in Russian language

4 step. Submit application

Please note that some international applicants need to undergo the procedure of legalization of documents in Russia. You can check if you need this at

  1. Prepare the following documents

    • primary application (full degree, preparatory);
    • copy of the educational document with the list of subjects and grades;
    • copy of identity card (passport);
    • photo

    Send these documents to and

    If you apply for preparatory courses, put in the copy.

  2. After coming to MASU, you will have to deliver the original documents:

    • Application for admission to study indicating the chosen program and form of training
    • The document proving the identity of the applicant and his/her citizenship (original and notarized translation into Russian)
    • Document about previous education with indication of studied subjects and received marks (original and notarized translation into Russian)
    • Medical certificates:

      • Form “0-86 y” for university applicants, including 1) List of chronical diseases; 2) Reports of physician/surgeon/neurologist/ENT specialist/ophthalmologist; 3) photofluorography
      • HIV-negative certificate
      • Vaccination Records

      Please note that the documents can be issued at home. The main requirement is its legal status on the territory of Russia, that is, it is necessary to translate and notarize them.

    • 2 photos 3x4
    • Acknowledgement list, describing rules of stay in Russia


  • All documents must be translated into Russian and notarized. This list of documents is approximate, full list of documents is to be clarified at the MASU Admission office.
  • You may also prepare the necessary documents for being placed in the dormitory beforehand. See “Accomodation” section.

5 Step. Clarify visa-issues

Applicants from countries that have a visa-free regime with Russia are required to present their passport to enter its territory. You do not need to issue a study visa if you are coming from the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of South Ossetia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Tajikistan, Ukraine, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Latvia (having non-citizen passports).

For other cases, a foreign entrant must obtain a study visa, which can be obtained by holding an invitation. This document is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Federal Migration Service. If the applicant has enrolled in a quota (state scholarship), then he is invited to give an invitation to Rossotrudnichestvo. If the entrant has acted on a general basis or on a paid branch, the invitation is issued by the university (more details about the invitation letter for different countries is to be specified at the Russian embassies and consulates).

6 Step. Learn the Rules

After coming to MASU, you will have to sign the Acknowledgement list which describes the rules of your stay in Russia. Violating those rules may lead to fines, drop-out or expulsion.

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Updated 13.06.2019