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Tourism and Consumer Services Department

Department of Tourism and Consumer services

The Department of Tourism and Consumer services was established in 2019. The key goal of the department is to train skilled employees for the swiftly developing hospitality industry of the Murmansk region. In order to achieve this goal, students and trainees develop not only general cultural and professional competencies, but also special "Arctic competencies" that allow them to most effectively realize their personal and professional potential in the hospitality industry of the polar territories.

Department research interests:

  • Arctic domestic tourism
  • Hospitality business in the Arctic
  • Historical and cultural resources of the North as basis for regional tourism development

Address: Murmansk, Kapitana Egorova st., 16

E-mail: (contacting coordinators recommended)

Белевских Татьяна Васильевна

Head of department

Tatiana Belevskikh

Ph.D. in Economy, Associate professor