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History and Law Department

Department of History and Law

The Department of History and Law was established on September 1, 2015 after the previously called Department of History acquired some law-related agenda. The unit is one of the oldest at the university as it was originally created in 1960. Currently, the department focuses on teaching Russian and World History as well as Fundamentals of Religious culture, Secular Ethics, and Law.

Department research interests:

  • Theory and methodology of teaching
  • International and Russian interests in the Arctic
  • Historical and cultural resources of the North as basis for regional tourism development
  • Social policy in the Barents Euro-Arctic region
  • History of international relations in the North
  • World War II in the Arctic
  • History of Russian Arctic land development
  • Religion in the Russian European North
  • Everyday life of the Kola residents through history

Address: Murmansk, Kapitana Egorova str., 15

E-mail: (contacting coordinators recommended)

Бардилева Юлия Петровна

Head of department

Yulia Bardileva

Ph.D. in History, Associate professor