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XX international conference “FLUXES AND STRUCTURES IN FLUIDS”

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the Murmansk region and the continuation of restrictive measures related to the spread of the COVID-19, including the closure of the state borders of the Russian Federation, the Conference is postponed to 2021.

The new dates of the Conference will be announced as the situation improves.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference in 2021!

Dates: 2021.

The conference continues a series of academic events dedicated to the issues of hydromechanics in environment. In 2021, the conference will organized by Murmansk Arctic State University in the city of Murmansk (Russia).

Conference topics

  • Dynamic processes in the polar ocean and atmosphere;
  • Climatic and synoptic factors in the high-latitude ocean;
  • Waves, vortices, coherent structures, turbulence — the effect of phase transitions;
  • The influence of dynamic structures in the ocean on hydrochemical, hydrobiological and ice fields;
  • Analytical, numerical and laboratory modeling of processes in the ocean and atmosphere;
  • Traditional and modern methods of measuring natural systems;
  • Technical and technological applications in the problems of ocean dynamics and the atmosphere.

Conference language: English, Russian

The conference framework will be extended by an international school for young scientists “Topical issues of the aeromechanics in high-latitude areas” (2021, MASU’s research camp).

The conference is playing a considerable role for the scientific community and was organized multiple times: Svetlogorsk (1987), Kaneve (1988), Novosibirsk (1989), Yrmala (1990), Vladivostok (1991), Saint-Petersburg (1992), Moscow (1993), Saint-Petersburg (1995), Svetlogorsk (1996), Moscow (1997), Saint-Petersburg (1999), Moscow (2001), Saint-Petersburg (2003), Moscow (2005), Saint-Petersburg (2007), Moscow (2009), Vladivostok (2011), Saint-Petersburg (2013), Kaliningrad (2015), Vladivostok (2018).

In 2021, organizers invite you to participate in conference which this time will be hosted by Murmansk Arctic State University in the city of Murmansk.

The Organising Committee does not provide any financial support for the Conference participation.


All completed registration forms and abstracts please send to Dr. Ekaterina Rumiantceva, Executive secretary of the Conference Organising Committee rumkate@rambler.ru

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